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Electronic crane scale manufacturers
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Buy scales, we must first look at the scales, here on the crane scale and a brief introduction to the crane scale, also known as the name from the electronic crane, hanging pounds, hook scales, hook scales, hook pounds, crane scales, hook From the function, there are ordinary look at the electronic crane scale, high temperature Hanging, wireless transmission function Hanging, the customer if you need special features can be customized. Features: 1, the use of electronic scales, crane scales, crane scales, different scales can be different; Balance, many types, the brand is also great, more models, the price level is not complete, customers can according to their own requirements, the use of the environment and other factors, to order their own products, like the balance of products must be careful, Gently, the following are some simple introduction, I hope to help you a little more understanding, need to know more, [Weighing manufacturers] ★ Service Hotline: +86 13877625497 COMKGC@163.COM WWW.COKGC.COM QQ: 996978792
10 tons Crane Scale [Shanghai crane scale] electronic crane scale manufacturers
Direct electronic crane scale system features:
1. Good dynamic weighing performance, not because of the weight of the shaking affect the weighing results
2. Power on, off automatic voltage display
3.1000 000 of the internal resolution of the high precision and high stability
4. Auto power off function, to prevent forgetting to shut down and cause damage to the battery over-discharge
5. Overload, underload warning display, low voltage alarm, the battery capacity is less than 10% of the alarm
6. Accumulate, accumulate automatically, peeled, keep the value and other functions
7 hook and chrome handle, smooth rust
8. With wireless remote control, easy to operate
9. Specifications: 300KG 500KG 1T 2T 3T 5T ​​10T 15T 20T 25T 30T 40T 50T
Particularly suitable for indoor light dim use of the occasion.
5 LED digital display word high 30mm, ultra-bright design.
    High-strength aluminum alloy shell, beautiful light.
    ? With weight retention, zero and index value switching function.?
    Equipped with high capacity 6v / 10Ah rechargeable battery, a charge standby 150 hours.
    Hooks can be rotated 360 degrees, both safe and convenient.
Electronic crane scale of the main advantages and disadvantages
⑴ reduce operating links, speed up the measurement speed, save manpower, material resources, time, so that the goods in the lifting, loading and unloading process to complete the measurement.
⑵ do not take up space, easy to use and flexible.
⑶ can make continuous measurement work, and play a monitoring and control role. Such as the electrolytic plant in the non-ferrous industry, metallurgical casting occasions, can be timely monitoring of aluminum (steel) water bag of aluminum (steel) water weight, to maximize the use of equipment, energy conservation purposes.
(4) to achieve remote measurement data, centralized monitoring, people leave the harsh and dangerous working environment.
⑸ easy and crane control system combined to reduce job settings. My company recently developed for the electrolytic aluminum plant crane multi-functional electronic crane scale, and the crane remote control organically combined.
⑹ convenient measurement measurement, error correction is simple.
【Weighing instrument manufacturers】 ★ Service Hotline: +86 13877625497 COMKGC@163.COM WWW.COKGC.COM QQ: 996978792
⑺ multi-function, high precision, anti-cheating strong, low maintenance costs.
⑻ hook hanging hanging crane affect the height of the lifting of goods, driving style, axle seat type of the need for the transformation of the crane, the impact of cranes maintenance operations, embedded in a crane part of the installation of weighing links, does not affect the Elevation, does not affect the crane operations, is the development of the industry in one direction.

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